Why Consistent Learning Is The Key To Successful Entrepreneurship?

Why Consistent Learning Is The Key To Successful Entrepreneurship?

All entrepreneurs dream of a successful life. But the only difference between those who simply dream of it and who actually achieve the success that they truly desire is how they keep growing themselves. I always say that to achieve results, you have to first improve your capabilities. And to improve your capabilities, you need to invest. Invest what? Invest time, money (if required) and effort. And no, this is not a one-time activity. This is a constant, continuous process that you have to keep investing in. Why? Read on to find out.

If there’s one thing we can all be sure of is the fact that nothing is constant. People change and along with them their needs too. So, the way entrepreneurs operate their businesses too keeps evolving. By being a student consistently you can get yourself up to speed with what’s current in the market. Your business and even the way you operate, say, your marketing strategies will be fresh and anew. Does this give you an edge over your competition? Absolutely!

Remember when you were a student in school? You were filled with passion, curiosity and enthusiasm to read, learn and excel? You wanted to observe, absorb and accomplish your dreams. Learning & self-education tends to have that effect on you. It makes you more creative, humble and even grateful. As an entrepreneur you have to be the example you want your employees to emulate. Once they see you deeply invested in the art of learning and developing yourself, they too will be inspired to learn, grow and develop. Can you imagine what happens to the productivity of such an organisation? It quadrupoles (minimum)!

Knowledge helps you innovate. In today’s ‘knowledge’ economy, investing in your re-education is honestly imperative and has stopped being just an option. Companies everywhere are vying on being the best and being cutting edge in every way possible. To innovate, you have to learn and learn with clear goals that push you enough towards them. We’re in the times of the great internet and there’s very little that’s not accessible to us. So, the only key to our success is time. How do you make time for something so crucial and important? In fact, how do you make learning a habit-forming activity? The answer is simple. You do it everyday religiously till it actually becomes one!

From videos to podcasts and curated courses and everything else in between, we have options aplenty to choose from. Learning has today become customised enough to cater to the smallest of needs of an entrepreneur. From team building to management, finance, marketing and content – the lessons & learnings are available.

So, where’s the time? It’s as though I can hear you say that you don’t have time! Entrepreneurs, stop being busy with operational tasks. Focus on your goals, revisit your strategies and keep a check on the road ahead. Innovate, adapt and adopt if you want to grow a business, stay competitive, or drive innovation, you have to keep learning.

Can we commit to being lifelong learners? Let’s start today!

Signing off till the next one.
– Rajiv.

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