Jay Shetty – Passion to paycheck collaboration

Jay is going to show you how to:

    • Discover what your passions are
    • Create a profitable business idea around them
    • Overcome procrastination, self-doubt & imposter syndrome
    • Take action to start building your passion project
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If you could practice your passion daily AND monetise it, how fulfilled would your life and career be?  Too many of us get stuck in neutral and never really find the top gear we need to really live our dream life.

Learn how to build a successful career by doing what you love by joining former monk and now award-winning media host, storyteller and viral internet sensation, Jay Shetty, in a FREE webinar.

In Jay’s webinar, 3 Steps to Get Unstuck, Discover Your Passions, and Build Your Dream Career, you’ll learn how to take that final step and keep the engine in top gear PERMANENTLY!